Sparkling water in restaurants? Here is a modern, more profitable alternative to bottled water

Provide your customers with superior tasting sparkling and still water that they will love.

Great tasting still & sparkling water

Purezza systems filter all impurities from water before being served at your table. This guarantees beautifully balanced, high quality and great tasting still and sparkling water in restaurants.

Easy installation & hassle-free servicing

Avoid any costly disruptions in your service delivery with our comprehensive service and maintenance packages. With nationwide coverage and a variety of service options you can choose the right package for your restaurant.

Endless sparkling water in restaurants

Enjoy a limitless supply of sparkling water served to your table. Purezza provides filtered, chilled sparkling and still water for all to enjoy.

Environmentally sustainable choice

Reduce waste and increase revenue. All our Purezza systems are connected to your main water supply, eliminating the expensive need for environmentally damaging plastic bottles and significantly reducing your venue’s carbon foot print.