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Tackling single-use bottled water in the HoReCa sector

Posted on: 01/09/22 Posted by: Laura Dronfield

Most hotels offer bottled water as standard. But have you ever considered how single-use bottled water impacts the sustainability and cost of your operation? After all, bottles are expensive: to transport, ship, import, deliver and replace — not to mention the environmental costs of disposal, waste, and plastic pollution. That’s why using bottled water packaged in single-use plastic is a much costlier option — in both monetary and environmental terms — than a Purezza water dispenser. Read on to learn how investing in a Purezza solution not only lets you save on cost but also helps you save the environment as well.

Bottled water is becoming more expensive by the day. Distribution, handling, and recycling costs are only on the up. Of greater concern to the hospitality sector, water consumption in general accounts for up to 10% of the fixed costs of any hotel.

Yet, offering premium still and sparkling water remains a vital element in the guest experience. What if hotels were able to supply both still and sparkling bottled water to guests using a solution that not only exceeded guest expectations — but also lowered costs, created an additional revenue stream, and reduced the volume of single-use bottles going to the landfills?

With an in-house premium sustainable water dispenser, such as the solutions offered by Purezza — these goals are now well within reach of any hotel.

Benefits of investing in a premium sustainable water solution

Adopting sustainable practices in hospitality is becoming more urgent and more important. Across the industry, guests now expect certain standards of a hotel: including a reduction in how much single-use plastic the industry consumes. In fact, this has become a deciding factor in where many guests choose to stay.

As a result, hotels are now duty-bound to consider their environmental impact across the supply chain. One way to reduce the negative impact, is by investing in the right kind of sustainable systems — like a Purezza solution that offers the following benefits:

Save money by eliminating pre-packaged single-use bottles

Bottled water can cost as much as 2,000 times more than tap water. When you buy pre-packaged bottled water, you not only pay for the liquid itself, you cover the packaging, distribution, and marketing costs as well. Then, there’s the cost of disposing of — or recycling — all the waste that single-use plastic bottles produce. Roughly 15% of the trash a hotel guest generates is bottles and plastic, and the hotel has to pay for the disposal of this trash.

Switching to a sustainable solution, not only eliminates the inflated cost of buying pre-packaged water, it removes the need to pay for disposal as well. Purezza’s bespoke bottles replace cumbersome and expensive single-use bottles with branded, reusable alternatives that give your guests the premium bottled water experience without all the additional costs.

Boost your bottom line and create new revenue streams

Bottled water costs money. The cost means it does not generate significant profit for hotels. However, if you install a Purezza water dispenser into your hotel, you unlock valuable profit opportunities.

Purezza solutions are a high-margin product as it costs just 6-8 cents to fill a 750ml bottle with freshly-filtered, great-tasting still or sparkling water. Or, you could sell your water for a per-head or per-table cover charge, choosing the most profitable and guest-oriented approach. Given you only pay installation and local water rates, you could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line every year.

There are also new revenue opportunities that venues can exploit. The demand for sparkling water is higher than ever, and with a Purezza system, you’ll position yourself perfectly to meet it. You can introduce an indulgent array of new beverages that are simple and cost-effective to produce that satisfy your customers’ cravings: all it takes is the addition of fruits, herb,s or syrups and you’ll have an in-house collection of home-made sodas, sparkling iced teas, mocktails, and fruit detox waters to offer.

Reduce the impact you have on the environment

The typical hotel guest produces around 2lbs of waste on average for every night they stay. A 200-room hotel can get through almost 300,000 bits of single-use plastic in a month. That’s a lot of waste potentially going to the landfill.

Hotels across the United States use Purezza to reduce the enormous volume of pre-packaged bottled water that guests consume. They have installed Purezza systems to allow guests to enjoy amazing, filtered water every day in reusable bottles, all safe in the knowledge that each fresh bottle of water doesn’t send a single-use plastic bottle to the dump.

Now, with over 8,000 venues across the world using Purezza’s sustainable solutions, we’re on course to remove 30 million single-use bottles from the global hospitality supply chain every year.

Purezza’s sustainable solutions suit every part of a hotel

The hospitality industry is driving change by using more ethically and environmentally-minded solutions. Investing in a Purezza dispenser is just another step towards more sustainable practices and more cost-effective water management.

To increase the utility of the Purezza systems, we have designed each one with versatility in mind: our range of under-counter and counter-top dispensers are well suited to any area of a hotel: from bars to restaurants, conference areas to private rooms — even public spaces, including by the pool.

The versatility of our solutions is how the Purezza network has established its global reach. Whether we’re installing a simple solution across one or two hotels or working with an international hotel group seeking a coordinated, truly global solution, Purezza is the clear choice thanks to our international network. We’ve spent the last seven years helping hotels, restaurants, and venues save costs and increase revenues, and we now proudly serve customers in 14 countries across North America, Europe, and Australia.

With the support of our distribution partners, we’re also able to install our sustainable solutions in 60 other global markets, including mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, South America, and the Middle East — providing maintenance and servicing in these markets for all products, as well.

Boost your profits, become more sustainable, and experience the Purezza difference for yourself — get started with your Purezza system today, contact us now.