The Purezza difference


The Purezza offering provides a number of benefits to any venues. Regardless of the size of the operation, or the business model of the venue there will always be value in the Purezza proposition.

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Profit Opportunity

Save money and time with Purezza!


The cost of city water is all but free, and the cost of CO2 is inexpensive. Conversely, the cost of pre-packaged bottled sparkling and still water is comparatively high. Further, bottled water is paid for on a “per unit” basis, whereas the Purezza offering comes at a flat, fixed price. Therefore, significant cost savings can be made for medium to high users of sparkling water.


Due to the low cost of each dispense, Purezza is a very versatile offering. It can be used as a base for a never-ending array of flavored drinks simply by adding fruit syrups, fruit juices, real fruit and fresh ingredients, mixers, ice tea syrups, and so on. The versatility of Purezza increases the revenue opportunity, even for small venues that are not high users of sparkling water.


Purezza can be sold to the consumer “by the bottle”, “per head cover charge”, “per table cover charge”, or as a premium offering as part of a function beverage package.

Environmentally friendly

Purezza's eco-friendly water dispensers, eliminate the requirement for shipping of bottles, delivery trucks, plastic production and waste disposal (no bottles in landfills). Purezza also does not draw water from under-ground aquifers, which many bottled water products do.

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Space-saving and Easy Handling

With Purezza's space saving water dispensers, there is no need to take up valuable storage space for pre-packaged bottled water. The Purezza bottles are re-usable and dishwasher safe.

Purezza sparkling water served in a restaurant

Freshly Dispensed and Convenient

As Purezza is dispensed instantaneously at the venue, it is always fresh, as opposed to bottled water which can be stored for anything up to two years before it is served. Purezza provides a limitless supply of fresh, sparkling, or chilled water. It never runs out, therefore, there is no need to re-order bottles or rely on suppliers for deliveries.

purezza still and sparkling water tap systems being used


The Purezza solution is not just about water! Add syrups, fresh fruit, and herbs to create in-house sodas, mocktails, cocktails, iced teas, and detox waters.

purezza water cocktail with a bowl of strawberries

Exclusive to hospitality

Purezza is only available as a freshly dispensed on-tap offering in restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other HoReCa venues. It cannot be purchased as a pre-packaged retail offering, making it more exclusive than bottled water, which is available in any supermarket or retail outlet.

purezza still water bottle served in a restaurant

The Purezza Global Network

Purezza is available in 13 countries across Australia, Europe, the United States and growing. Further to our direct markets, the Waterlogic distribution network extends to 40+ markets globally including Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East. This allows us to supply and manage solutions in 60+ countries world-wide as well provide comprehensive field service support for all our customers.

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