Hotels, conferences & function centres

The Purezza Solution provides incredible revenue options for multi-outlet venues such as hotels and conference centers

A key component for delivering a positive and healthy dining experience for your customers is great tasting water. This may seem like a simple and obvious detail, but it is often overlooked.

Purezza water dispensing solutions are efficient and offer high flow and high capacity catering exclusively to the HORECA sector and for all types of hotels, conferencing, and catering venues.

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Revenue opportunities for hotels and conference centers

The Purezza solution provides incredible revenue options for multi-outlet venues such as hotels and conference centers. Our systems are versatile and can generate revenue in the restaurant, the bars and the conference areas. Adding sparkling and still water to function and conference packages is a simple, highly-effective strategy to make fantastic revenue.

Premium quality

Purezza is so versatile; because our solution can be utilized in almost any space where beverages are served there are so many ways for the venue to capitalize.

Reduce your environmental impact

Purezza significantly reduces the cost and eliminates the environmental impact of expensive single-use bottles. Save time, money, and hassles with Purezza’s environmentally friendly on-site bottling systems. Adding Purezza to the conference package or beverage package is a simple and effective way of increasing profits dramatically.

Bespoke, re-usable Purezza bottles

Replace cumbersome and expensive single-use bottles with beautifully-branded, re-usable Purezza bottles and reap the benefits. Give your diners the ultimate premium water experience with freshly-dispensed Purezza straight from tap to table. Purezza is fantastic for making cocktails, mocktails, house-made sodas, or flavored sparkling water.



Purezza Premium Water is part of the global Waterlogic group of companies. Whether it’s a simple solution for just one or two hotels or an international hotel group seeking a coordinated, truly global solution, Purezza is the clear choice.

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